Typewriters, Coffee, and Amateur Ornithology

tippa at verrado coffee

I took my little creamsicle-orange ’64 Alder Tippa 1 and a few sheets of mini-legal pad paper down to Verrado Coffee this morning to do a little spontaneous writing.  This coffee shop, while a bit generic and corporate from a Pacific Northwest viewpoint, is the closest thing I have to a hometown cafe here in Buckeye Arizona.  To their credit, Starbucks just opened a location across the street, complete with a drive-thru and more convenient entry and exit by car, and they responded with this:

verrado coffee kermitWhich makes them pretty cool in my book!

I ordered my coffee and a cookie and sat down outside to enjoy the view and write whatever came in to my head.

alder tippa yellow pad

The white wing dove is in fact indigenous to the Arizona desert, as is Stevie Nicks, who is from Phoenix.

peterson field guide white wing dove
Roger Tory Peterson’s entry for the White Wing Dove, from his Field Guide To Birds of North America

In another questionably relevant coincidence,  “Alder” translates to “eagle” in English, which is why their logo has an eagle in it.  I discovered this when I traced a vector version of the logo to use for the waterslide decal on my repainted Tippa.

adler logo inkscape

So that’s me: typewriter nerd, bird geek, coffee snob.  I love it when I find overlap in my eclectic interests – it makes me feel like more of a “Renaissance man” than “multifaceted geek.”

5 thoughts on “Typewriters, Coffee, and Amateur Ornithology

  1. It’s amazing what a good cup o’ Joe (not the VanCleave variety) can inspire.

    Blackbird singing in the dead of night
    Take these broken wings and learn to fly
    All your life
    You were only waiting for this moment to arise

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  2. I found a pinfeather dove chick in the backyard once in ’07 and raised it in a lizard terrarium (3 cats in the house) up to the point that it could fly pretty well, then let it go in a park outside town. Turns out they don’t make any noise at all when raised not around other doves. Have never been able to properly decide if picking the thing up and raising it was a kindness or a cruelty.

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